Make Your Event a Hit, By Listing It on Free Event Submission Sites


Listing an event on a website is an important part of any event marketing strategy. There are numerous free event submission sites available over the web with an amazing outreach. These sites offer dozens of event promoters or organizers to reach a local and global audience of over 78 million event-goers per month. With such amazing kind of reach, many event promoters and organizers are now taking its advantage to the maximum.

With these event marketing websites promoters can now access many new channels for marketing the information of their event, lining up the tickets and artists. This helps by driving more awareness in the audiences, which leads to more ticket sales and attendance. Backing on the popularity of some of the world’s top event sites, event organizers can now overcome relative obscurity especially in the case of brand new events. This also, however, has some downsides such as adding listings to these sites is time-consuming which can even take up hours and in some cases days. This totally depends on the number of events and sites used by the event submission site.

In order to make your event listing as effective as possible, promoters should consider the following:

    • Categorizing an event properly is one of the most important aspects to consider in order to make your event a success. While categorizing your event make sure that you tag your event with lots of specific keywords and try to delve into more minor genres, use the name of the artist, venue, and location as it can help you tremendously.

    • Make your event stand out amongst others. Always use a good pictures and make sure that it matches the editorial criteria of the listing site as listing some attractive photos are much more likely to attract reader attention.

    • While listing your event make sure that you always include a ticket link. In case, if someone is browsing an event listings site and finds your event, you would definitely want to make sure that you offer them an insight about the event and make it as easy as possible for them to attend.


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