Are You An Event Organizer? Ward Off Event Ticket Fraud in a Smarter Way

Event Registration System

Event tickets to concerts, live events, shows or sports are a gateway to memories that last lifetime. Event registration websites are the best way to get tickets for your favorite events out there. But on the part of event organizers, it takes a lot to manage an event and make it a success, the list for it is too long. But the hard work done by event organizer can go in vain due to ticket fraud. Event organizers work tirelessly to make their event a success and create a sold-out event. Right from crafting a promotional strategy to deciding the venue, managing event registration system and even selling out the tickets is a part of their strategy. With all such hard work, the last thing an event organizer wants is attendees to show up on event day with fraudulent tickets. If you are one of those event organizers following information will help you prevent event ticket fraud in a smart way:

1. Limit Your Ticket Sale: – Event organizers should limit the sale of the ticket keeping in mind their target audiences. Limiting event ticket sale not only ensures that it gets into the hands of real attendees but it also makes their event more exclusive. Eliminating event ticket frauds begins by taking smart precautions at on sale. While selling out the tickets cap the number of tickets available for purchase so you can ensure that it reaches the right attendees by which scalpers can also be prevented from grabbing large quantities of tickets.

event tickets

2. Curb Your Event Tickets: – While selling out tickets to attendee’s event organizers should send barcodes a week to ten days before the event. It is always advisable to send confirmation mail regarding tickets but not provide them with emails with “print” options right away. Utilizing this approach while selling out event tickets, scalpers are unable to transfer tickets far in advance for ticket fraud.

3. Register on Authentic Event Websites: – Once event organizers have planned or chalked out an entire event they can also register their event on authentic event websites and in case of fundraising event best fundraising website is the right choice as these websites are reputed and reliable with genuine customer base eliminating the risk of ticket fraud.


4. Reselling Policy: – Event ticket fraud can also be prevented from selling off the tickets. Form a reselling policy for attendees who are unable to attend the event so they can return the tickets to event organizers which can be further given to attendees willing to attend the event. By reselling policy event organizers can reach out to attendees in a much easier way. Making a direct contact with them eliminates the factors of event ticket fraud. Keeping all these factors in mind while organizing an event or selling out tickets can definitely make the event a success.



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