Important Elements Every Event Registration Sites Should Include

Event Registration Website
Event Registration 

Event planning involves a number of important elements such as deciding on the venue, theme as well as finalizing speakers. Behind a successful event, there are numerous frustrating and time-consuming phases which are handled with precision and perfection while planning. There have been incidents in the past where the organizers didn’t handle event registration and event ticketing well which led to a bad impression on the attendees. Even if the organizers subscribe to an event registration website, it’s vital to have clue about each element of the website which will eventually help the audience in every event related matter.

If you are an organizer and looking to explore the lifeline of an event – event marketing websites, then the following elements are to be looked forward to while filtering the most suitable website for your event.


Registration Form: The event registration website should always have a short form to ensure that the potential attendees aren’t agitated. This is also important to make sure that they have a positive & pleasant experience which will indirectly gain reputation for the company. With a lengthy form, there are always chances of frustration and no organizer aim for that unwanted annoyance.

Registration: This has been a major factor where most event marketing websites lack. Redirecting an attendee to a third party website will likely lead to a cancelled transaction. According to some reports, when a customer is redirected to a third party website, 30%-50% of people will opt out of the transaction. It is always advised to subscribe to a website which provides a logical and safe way of completing an ongoing transaction.

An Ordered Check-in Experience: The check-in experience of the attendees is always important. It must be always be ensured that they don’t have to wait long in the queue. Greeting each guest warmly will also leave a positive mark. Large signs can be placed outside the venue to help the attendees in the easy spotting of venue. On entering the location, the attendees should be able to proceed further to the event check-in area with the help of additional signs.



Keeping a Backup Plan: We are not aware of the future and who better to tell this than the people from the event industry. To overcome the disaster of a flop event registration software, always have a backup plan. It is best if the subscribed event registration software can handle offline check-ins. This will ensure that even in case the internet connectivity goes off or becomes slow, you can always help the attendees to check-in through the offline mode.

Alphabetising the Event Check-in Stations: Always go for an efficient organization of the check-in process. The tables should be set using the first letter of the guest’s last name. Emphasis should be laid on distributing the alphabetical sections evenly so that same number of event attendees are checking-in at each table.

To make sure that the event is successful, always use an event management service which makes the ticketing experience a pleasant one. The requirement for a short registration form cannot be neglected. To conclude, the priority should always be to make the event a memorable experience.


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