How Can Event Registration System Help In Avoiding Scams?

The 21st century has been marked at the pinnacle of technology. For some people, progress in technology is for the betterment of the human race, while for some it’s to gain profits through an illegal setup. There is no industry which is immune to fraud, but using and credit cards for online transactions are affected by the wrath of these scammers the most.

Any type of event with online event registration system is likely to fall prey to these fraudsters. There have been many cases when ticked were bought online using stolen credit cards and immediately were re-sold to the attendees. Frauds, in any case, cannot be tolerated and strict measures have been taken to loosen the grip of these scammers on our system.

If we talk about events industry, often victims of fraudulent tickets receive the focus and the event organizers are left unheard of. They never get the support which could help them overcome the huge loss incurred.

Following are the methods which diminished the scams to it’s lowest level.

  1. Many event listing websites use event management systems with security and event management approach which combines security information and security event management functions into one system. These security systems combine data from multiple sources and identify any discrepancy to take the necessary action.
  2. A basic security system uses a statistical correlation engine to establish a relationship between event log entries whereas an advanced system user and entity behavior analytics, security orchestration, and automated response.
  3. Most of these event registration systems comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard which led to their adoption by large-scale businesses, but constant threats have forced smaller organizations to follow the footsteps. These days many event registration systems work by deploying multiple collection agents in a hierarchical manner to gather security-related events from end-user devices, servers, network equipment, as well as specialized security equipment like firewalls, antivirus or intrusion prevention systems.

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