Major Impact of RFID on Event Hosting Websites.

Radio frequency identification technology is an tremendous asset for event hosting websitesThis wireless automatic identification technology is composed of device that records information on tags or wristbands with sufficient space to identify each and every individual. The technology is quite useful while organizing large scale events. Tags used in the process are embedded into tickets or wristbands which are later used for identification, payment and security purpose.

RFID technology has put quiet an impact on event hosting industry.

#1  Speeding up Process: By incorporating RFID technology many event hosting websites have experienced speeding up in registration time and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, which makes it easier for the planner to target the right audience for a particular event.speed-up-business-process.png

#2  Monitoring Huge Data: While hosting a large scale event RFID technology makes it easier to monitor repeated attendance. This technology has a potential that allows attendees to become more engaged with the event across various social platforms, monitoring large-scale contests and raffles for various event hosting websites is much becomes easier. Also, organizers can monitor their event from any location as per their requirement. Which makes an organizers job much more easier.


#3  More Control: Sell event tickets online with more controlled RFID technology, it limits the window for fraud and secondary ticket selling. The chips used in tickets are encrypted in the wristbands which cannot be cloned.


#4  Easy Transactions: RFID technology also facilitate cashless payment. Attendees after booking tickets from any event hosting website can just top up their wristbands and use it to pay later at the merchandise stalls.


#5  Sorting Data: Large-scale events can be very difficult to handle. RFID technology can manage check-in of attendees using hundreds of devices simultaneously and see in real time how many people are being checked in at various locations.


#6  Security: RFID is far more secure than paper tickets, the chip inside wristband or badge is uniquely tied to customer’s purchase, ensuring that it can only be presented once. This technology can be read under any conditions ensuring a classified data to the organizers. It is easy with RFID technology to prevent ticket frauds even in the largest or busiest events. This technology eliminates photocopied and scalped tickets with encrypted from one of a kind RFID tags.


#7  Reduces Costing: RFID technology if used in a right way reduces a lot of labor and other costs. The systems helps in speeding the entire process of selling event tickets online and managing admissions for event which might be partially automated. This means the venues decided for event can hire less personnel to staff the entrances. Wristbands or tickets possessing RFID technology are very hard to scalp or counterfeit which reduces the risk of ticket frauds and allows the organizers to cut down on some security costs.



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