How to Improve Event Registration Process.

A smooth and hassle-free event registration process has a great impact on your attendees. A convenient and flawless registration process improves the participants’ experience and changes the way people look at your organisation. Moreover, this can lead to higher attendance. This process helps you to interact with your potential customers.

Here are a few things that every organiser should keep in mind while conducting event registration.

Use technology: It is better to use technology while conducting event. Event listing websites are designed to conduct an event registration process smoothly. Paper checklists have become outdated as they make registration more complicated and time consuming. By using an event registration system you can make the process faster and easier.


In the manual registration process, participants have to stand in a queue waiting for their turn. You have to invest money on appointing staff and installing booth, etc. But, when you sell event tickets online, you not only boost ticket sales but also promote events effectively.

It is the best way to get valuable information of your potential customers. You will get attendees’ details like their names, email addresses, QR codes, or even retina scans in just a one click. With this process, audience can make registration on their convenient time and from any part of the world.

Wireless badges: Many organisers give their attendees’ pre-printed badges but it is seen that average 30% of the invitees do not show them up. Sorting the printed badges alphabetically and distributing them is a very daunting task. It also consumes a lot of time. So, it is better to use wireless badge printers which can print from any device as per your requirement.


In this way you can improve the event registration process and their management. All the best.




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