How To Choose The Best Event For Your Business?

Strong business relationships are the foundation of any successful business. You would hardly find a marketer who doesn’t focus on building online relationships. By Social media, content, and digital storytelling are some methods which can help you connect with your targeted online audience. They are the foundation pillars of content marketing strategies, so it’s no surprise that events have become the popular choice for B2B marketers. According to a recent survey, 67% of people think that event marketing is among the best strategies for building up a business. Well planned event listing websites can create fantastic opportunities for lead generation, building up brand awareness as well as for boosting revenues.

What type of event should you choose? : B2B events come in all shapes and sizes and each format has it’s own pros and cons. So, it’s vital to analyze and select the best strategy for your business. Remember very event require lots of planning, investment and time to get right. Every action you take matters a lot because it represents your company as a brand. So, to take full advantage of your investments, there’s is no cutting corners.

Let’s now take a look at the two types of event marketing i.e. third party events and self-hosted events along with the pros and cons, to help you choose the best fit for your business.

a) Third party events : As the name suggests, the events are hosted by a third parties like conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. Business space is available for another organizations and brands, who may want to rent it or sponsor the entire event itself.

clipart-third-party-4Advantages :

1) Increases your credibility – you can strengthen your brand and increase your reputation in the market.

2)Increasing brand visibility – As you will be seen by the right companies, they’ll be able to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Disadvantages :

1) It is very difficult to find the right people from the right account in such events., While trade shows intrigue your target audience still, there is no guarantee that the person attending the event, will be the person you want to reach.

2) It is very difficult to filter the best show to attend that may give you the best return. There are lots of shows being held nowadays hence, your choices will be higher and same will be for your targeted audience – so its often difficult to predict which may bring you the greatest

b) Self-Hosted Events : These events are self-hosted: you a’re responsible for organising and managing. It can be anything from a small executive breakfast for 30 people to training for 100 delegates, depending on the nature of your business and your targeted audience. There are a lot of event registration websites free with lots tools and services. If you’re a business you can easily avail the services rendered by such websites.lwcf_crd_mus_prod005110732_parablelooza_clip_art_jpg_emceeAdvantages :

1) Hosting a small targeted event can generate direct revenue and it is very easy to manage the things as compared to larger trade shows.

2) You will have an overall control of the event & list of invitees, hence, you can easily focus on your goals set from the event.

Disadvantages :

1) Organizing even a small event takes adequate amount of time and assets. and itsThe success rate thoroughly depends upon your organising & management skills.

2)You will need someone in your team to take the overall responsibility of the event, somebody who has the information about how things will function.


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