5 Concrete Giveaway Ideas to Boost Your Ticket Sales.


Whether your business is product or service based, merchandising is a proven way to boost revenue and to create brand awareness at the same time. If you want to ensure the success of your event, offering event registration with the promise of swag, can attract a great number of attendees. You can also take help from professionals to coordinate your giveaway strategies with one of the suitable event listing websites.

There is tough competition among businesses to get your logo and brand image into the minds of customers. Event is a great platform to advertise your brand and offering free giveaways is an effective way to get your brand message out there. Also you can Boost Your Revenue via Event Registration Website Free With These Tips.

Well bribing is not right but what peoples says is everything is fair in love and war, so offering giveaways for attracting and influencing attendees is not a bad strategy. 

Here are some impressive giveaways ideas to boost your sales.

  1. Raffle Competition: Tie your registration process with raffle game and sell event tickets online. It limits the cost of your prizes and creates a great deal of excitement around them. Games are always the good activity in keeping the users engaged. Increasing revenue from ticket sales is to offer bulk sales of tickets. e.g., If the cost of single ticket is $15 then you can sell three tickets for 40$.

  2. Free Merchandise: Offering high-quality T-Shirts or Caps with having a company logo and brand message on them attracts more people. It is a great way to market business. When they wear T-shirts or Caps while travelling, shopping, or wandering etc. the brand message can be seen by other people too. It ultimately increases brand recognition.

  3. Freebies: Freebies that are most worth your investment are smartphone cases or wireless phone chargers. Attendees definitely use these types of giveaways. It is also better to choose such items which suitable to your business theme.


  4. Limited Offers: Limited period offers generate the sense of urgency in buying the tickets. It directly stimulates the mindset of users, which he/she can’t ignore. Not matter how good the offer is if there is no time limit for it, then it is worthless. Providing limit on offer sends the message to users that it is the right time to buy this thing.

  5. Discounts and Pre-sale : Offering discount and pre-sale for members only increases the ticket sales by considerable amount. This helps in two ways in spreading the awareness and increase the members count.

By precise application of above ideas you can increase your ticket sale. Even though these methods are there but one thing which helps to grow business in any situation is your instincts. So trust your instincts and go for it! 


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